About Us

About Us

Career Bioscope supports the competence development of the students community on multiple dimensions of career planning.

Career Bioscope is an online platform of national resource and information centres for guidance for students looking for higher education. Its main target group consists of Management, Law and Undergraduate students looking for higher Education in India and abroad.

We have three goals:

  • 1. to support the development of the multiple dimension of career guidance.
  • 2. to support students and raise their awareness on various courses existing and upcoming.
  • 3. to provide information and communication on the Higher Education market and various competitive exams in India.

Career Bioscope supports the national and international networking of students by organising seminars, training, and study visits on different themes.

Career Bioscope promotes interaction between various colleges and students so that transparent Education system can be evaluated before making a choice in education

Career Bioscope supports developing the information dimension in the student’s knowledge sharing tool so that choices can be evaluated better and can effect decision in an effective manner